Why We Do….

A mother and daughter duo choose to make a difference in the community they once lived in.

A Call to Action:

Nicole Chambers-Cunningham and her daughter India Chambers both have a heart for young people and are extremely passionate about making a difference in the world – one community at a time.

Because she was a young mother and experienced her own fair share of hardships, Nicole relates on multiple levels to the challenges young people face. Nicole never allowed her challenges to define her; however, she chose to believe in herself – knowing that she was designed with a great purpose in mind. She knew she was a “rising star” with much promise.

When Nicole had that “aha” moment, she began to realize her divine purpose and got back in the race of life. She returned to her community and joined hands with others to help them face their challenges.

Nicole is a firm believer that difficult roads can often lead to beautiful destinations. She strives on making a difference with the power of the four P’s: passion, purpose, position and partnerships.

As she takes her position and travels through her journey, she has the wonderful pleasure of working alongside her eldest daughter, India, (an 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher) and an amazing Team of Servant Leaders. Together, they are making a difference in the lives of young adults.

The Rising Stars of America family would like to challenge you to collaborate with us in building up our youth and communities. If you are up to meet that challenge, then we encourage you to become a part of our team.

Please get involved! Together, we can transform lives!

Meet the Challenge -Take the Challenge-Overcome the Challenge

All the Best,

Rising Stars of America

Leaders Leading the way!

We Are All Met With Challenges in Our Lives
What Is Your Challenge?

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
~Author Unknown